7 Ways Chocolate Enhances Your Spiritual Development

Love Wanjiru
4 min readAug 20, 2021


If you haven’t read the previous article on the scientific properties of Cacao, you can read that here.

Now that we understand the science behind chocolate and how it creates that feeling of gentle euphoria, I’ll share my spiritual and energetic experiences with Cacao.

1. Cacao makes meditation easy.

If meditation is difficult for you, Cacao allows you to get out of your head.

Your mind calms down, your thoughts become more positive, and your body feels comfortable, and you find yourself more present than you may have ever experienced.

Before drinking Cacao, I SUCKED at meditation. I knew that it was good for my busy mind, but all I could do when I sat still was think about my to-do list.

After two weeks of drinking Cacao regularly, I naturally found myself in meditative states without being preoccupied with doing it “right”.

2. It makes Shadow Work more approachable and safe.

Shadow Work is a spiritual healing process that addresses repressed trauma and the re-patterning automatic behaviors that you developed to cope with that trauma.

Facilitating your Shadow Work with Cacao creates the safety and relaxation necessary to unpack and heal trauma.

It enriches any mental exercises, meditations, and movement practices meant to help you access the most emotionally-tender parts of your Inner Child — since most of our core wounds happened in our earliest years.

More on Shadow Integration here:

3. Your ability to experience bodily pleasure is increased.

Many people report having an easier time receiving and accepting more money for their service to humanity.

If you feel triggered by the thought of financial prosperity, check what kind of limits you’re setting in all parts of your life about what you can and cannot have.

Cacao helps you see where you’re cutting off connection with others, where you refuse attention or praise, where you charge too little for your work, and attempt to keep your needs smaller than everyone else around you.

If this triggers you, you’re in the right place. Cacao will continually provide you with what you need, even if your ability to receive has to catch up!

4. Cacao can connect you with the Spirit Guides and Ancestors.

One of the most common benefits reported from my clients is the ability to see and feel the presence of Ancestors.

Whether the intention of their Ceremony or personal practice with Cacao is Ancestral Healing, they often learn information about the core wound that’s been passed down the lineage, recovered repressed memories, and sometimes speak directly to their Ancestors.

This is very personal work. If you feel called to go deeper with this aspect of Cacao, you can book a private Cacao Ceremony here.

5. Cacao provides a lucid, focused source of creativity.

If you’re like me, some “mind-opening” plants may make it harder for you to focus your creative energy. I love all plant allies/ plant medicines, but some of them can blast your consciousness away so far out of your body, that it’s difficult to make use of the amazing visions you receive.

Cacao is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t make you “trip”. So, your creativity can be easily channeled into whatever you’re doing.

(And instead of reducing motor function, it can also enhance your ability to have better hand-eye coordination.)

Some even use Cacao to reach deeper stretches in yoga — just be sure to hydrate as Cacao is slightly dehydrating!

6. Cacao can help you integrate psychedelic experiences.

It’s becoming a wonder-spread practice to use Cacao as a way to process and integrate Plant Medicine experiences, especially ayahuasca. While this website solely provides information about Cacao, you can do your own research about proper after-care protocol for your medicine journey.

Because Cacao can facilitate so many kinds of activities and states of consciousness, many people have shared that they could make sense of difficult-to-describe aspects of previous experiences with other medicine journeys.

The creativity-boosting aspects of Ceremonial Chocolate helps create new connections between ideas, concepts, and experiences — all of this while relaxing the body.

7. Your psychic abilities can be activated or increased.

Though my experience with facilitating many Cacao Ceremonies, people have often messaged me with accounts of being able to receive visions and have prophetic dreams.

A daily Cacao practice initially resulted in being able to channel information through my Tarot Cards. I’d studied the Tarot for years, but never read cards for others. It seemed that I could only spout the “google meaning” of the cards. But after having Cacao for a month, the deck began talking to me and telling me specific things about what someone was experiencing.

Plants (especially flowers) began clearly communicating with me, even when I was on my phone.

Cacao also seems to open to the chakras for many people who choose to use it regularly.

Since it’s a non-psychoactive plant medicine, it lends well to deep personal exploration without the need for a shaman.

Does this sound like a great reason to have this special chocolate? Experience these benefits for yourself!

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Love Wanjiru

Intimacy Coach + Shadow Work Facilitator